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The infographic above explains the different levels of GD&T proficiency. ETI recommends that training be taken in this order, with our mentoring and/or consulting services being utilized to reinforce the training on the job.

ETI Provides More GD&T Training Options Than Any Other Company

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ETI gives you lots of options. We provide training onsite and through public workshops, and both are available in our live web training format. We have several self-study options, including workbooks, videos, computer-based training, and online training.

ETI teaches onsite workshops to organizations around the world.

Interested in training a group of employees? Have questions about onsite training costs and scheduling? Fill out our online training quote form to get answers.

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All ETI workshops can be customized to use your drawings. Contact ETI at 734-744-5940, and let us help you find the best training option for your organization.


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