The ETI Learning Center provides all the support you need for a successful online learning experience. Be sure to check out these handy resources.

GD&T and Related Resources
To understand all you can about the field of GD&T, be sure to utilize all the resources listed below.

ETI Discussion Board The ETI Discussion board is a must to assist you with questions you may have regarding course material and will provide you with support even after you've completed your course.
Tech Papers Choose from a selection of published technical papers by GD&T expert Alex Krulikowski and others.
Glossary If you need help with some of your GD&T terminology, our full glossary of terms is a great starting point.

E-Learning Resources
E-learning can be more successful when you take advantage of some of the valuable information below.

Study Tips ETI can provide the expert training, but only you can improve your own study habits and teach yourself some helpful learning tricks.
Successful E-Learning E-learning can be more successful when you follow some of these guidelines.
FAQs ETI Learn has number of pages dedicated to ensuring your e-learning sessions are as trouble-free as possible. Be sure to use our Frequently Asked Questions page as your general online reference for e-learning.

Technical Resources
Your online courses will require some software commonly found on most PCs. If you do not already have the required software, use the links below to access these free downloads.

ETI Learn classes require Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 browser or higher to function properly.You may download Microsoft Internet Explorer free at the link on the left. Please note that ETI Learn classes are not currently compatible with Internet Explorer 8.
In order to read assignments, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Get the free download here.
Some of our courseware is displayed using Adobe's Flash Player. Click on the link on the left to download the Flash Player.



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